SAM CAVIGLIA is a singer and songwriter from Vancouver, BC whose latest project - a collaborative and heartfelt EP aptly titled Salmon Friends - integrates guitar, violin, bass, drums and piano into an expansive and impassioned sound. Supported by a constantly evolving collective of fellow musicians and instrumentalists, Sam’s narrative unfolds harmoniously as a warm, visceral experience. 

 Sam’s musical background is rooted in the Seattle grunge scene, as evidenced by the stripped-down, heavy style of his former band Fey; the release of Salmon Friends’ first EP signals a new phase for the multi-talented artist as he transitions into a more tender, folkier sound. As a world traveller, an enthusiastic collaborator and a compelling lyricist, Sam taps into the various currents of his perception to turn feelings into songs, and songs into cultural experiences.

 Rooted in the paradox of nature, Sam’s music evokes both solitude and connection - in it he reveals a glimpse of his most authentic self, which he builds on with each inspired performance. The release of Salmon Friends’ EP cues a turning point for Sam - and friends - as he makes plans to embark on a sprawling tour to recreate that emotive experience for fans and collaborators along the way.

"Salmon Friends' newest release, Forever Embedded, is heartfelt, emotional, and is now embedded in my heart. Sam Caviglia's latest project, Salmon Friends, is a folk-inspired, guitar-driven, extension of himself. Branching out from his grunge roots, the Vancouver based artist's 4 song EP is delicate and well written. From the strong guitar riffs to the narrative lyrics, Forever Embedded was, overall, a pleasure to listen to."


"The 7 track EP is one that effectively touts a band that’s just gaining their momentum,

finding their footing but doing so gracefully and impressively. [...] In a world needing 

more honesty, it’s as refreshing as your aunt’s lemonade. [...] Salmon Friends

is swimming up stream, defiantly showing their colours"